Open Water Swimming Coach
in East Sussex

STA Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach – Marianne Johnson

Marianne is an Advanced SwimMastery coach, an STA Level 2
Open Water Coach, a Level 1 BTF Triathlon Coach and an
experienced open water swimmer.

She is also a Buteyko Instructor and Advanced Oxygen Advantage
Instructor. She works with swimmers/athletes to improve their
functional (daily) breathing patterns to optimise their sports
performance and mental and physical wellbeing. She weaves this
breathing knowledge into her swim coaching and also offers
separate 1-2-1 breath work coaching and group courses.

Open Water Swimming Coaching

Marianne offers 1-2-1, 2-2-1 and small group coaching sessions at
the lake during the summer season. This can be in the form of an
introductory/confidence building session for those completely new
to open water, a technique session with video analysis to improve
front crawl/breaststroke, or an open water race skills session to
prepare for triathlons/open water swimming events.
I have a lot of experience working with swimmers who are new to
open water and nervous about being out of their depth, not being
able to see the bottom on the lake, getting out of breath, etc. This is where my breathing
knowledge really helps people learn to calm their nerves.

Winter Swimming

As part of the winter swimming membership at the lake, all swimmers are required to attend Marianne’s online ‘Introduction to Cold Water Swimming’ session (£10 per person). The session will look at what happens to our bodies in cold water and what we as swimmers need to look out for in ourselves and other swimmers to stay safe and avoid hypothermia and after drop. We will also look at equipment options and how to acclimatise safely in cold water to avoid Cold Water Shock.The second part of the online session is more interactive, as we will have some fun practising
some breath work techniques to learn how to prepare the body for cold water immersion. We will also learn how to use the breath to calm yourself or another swimmer who gets anxious or has a panic attack in or around the water. Even the most experienced swimmers can become anxious or panicky, especially in cold water, and simple breathing exercises can help someone overcome this quite quickly. The more well equipped you are, the more you will enjoy and benefit from open/cold water swimming Marianne will also be on hand during the Winter swimming sessions on Sunday mornings to answer swimmers questions, give you encouragement and help make sure you stay safe.

1-2-1 Winter Swimming Coaching for Non-Members (from 16th October 2022)

If you are looking for an Introduction to Winter Swimming but have not signed up for Winter membership, as you prefer to swim elsewhere, you can still book a 1-2-1 session with Marianne. This will include an online classroom session (as described above) and then a swim in the lake with Marianne to learn to how acclimatise safely and have a guided swim around the lake to gain confidence. Marianne can tailor the session completely to your needs.

Swim Technique Coaching in a Pool

Marianne also works with swimmers in a small private pool on Ashdown Forest (5 minutes from the lake). She uses video feedback and analysis in every session as this is an invaluable learning tool. Swimmers learn to use their body as a single connected unit to maximise their forward movement in the water with as little effort as possible. Swim Mastery coaching draws on human biomechanics to ensure swimmers are only taught movements that keep their joints safe and keep their body in alignment. For more details about swimming or breathing coaching with Marianne, please visit her websites below:
Mobile: 07904579758

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